Dressing the Blacklist- Part 1 : Reddington’s shoes

I’ve always liked James Spader, but especially so during his turns on the The Practice and Boston Legal. Witty, charming and no one is better at playing a magnificent bastard than he is. But there’s another reason. We’re the same height and same general build.

Most of you, at one time or another, have seen someone on television or in film, dressed by professional costume designers, wearing something you liked and found out rather quickly that just because it looks good on them, doesn’t mean it will look good on you.  They’re much taller, have a better build, are more fit, and you, wearing the same exact garment, look like the short fat cousin of the person that should be wearing the outfit. However, for me, this isn’t the case. Due to our similar height and builds. everything Spader wears looks great on me. I have several of the Ermenegildo Zegna suits he wore on Boston Legal and they fit me perfectly. Imagine my glee upon hearing one of my favorite actors had a new show coming out, and then again when I realized I could steal his characters wardrobe and wonderful style and they’d look nearly as good on me as they do on him.

The hunt was on.

The As Seen On TV clothing sites had nothing. I began scouring various forums and, slowly, piece by piece, I began to identify each part of Red’s costume from the pilot of The Blacklist.

Red’s shoes weren’t the first thing I looked for, but they were the hardest to find of those I positively identified so far. They are seen in close up during the getting dressed montage at the beginning of episode 2. Brown pebbled leather. Rubber soles. Not a lot to go on.


Searching the internet added the information I needed. The article Costuming the Blacklist from Tyranny of Style provided this tidbit:

“His shoes are Italian with a beautiful pebble grain leather, but they also have a practical rubber sole.”

Italian, pebble grain leather, rubber sole. Knowing the country of origin made all the difference. A quick search on Google turned up the maker. Salvatore Ferragamo. To eBay! There must have been a half dozen pairs in various sizes … but they were all the wrong shoe.

Each and every pair had the wrong pattern to the the tread. Some were smooth bottomed, some had thick treads that went across the sole. The shoes with the correct tread can be seen in the publicity photo of Red sitting in a chair. There are treads radiating out from the center to the edge, with several rubber knobs in the middle.


An email from Salvatore Ferragamo solved the puzzle.

The shoe is the Ferragamo Stream in Auburn Deer.  Sadly no longer being produced. However, I was able to find a pair.

Onward to part 3, the hat.


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