And so it begins…

You asked for it and now you’re going to get it. Welcome to my blog. By way of a bit of background, several of my friends, interested in the tales of projects, events and other happenings in my life, suggested I make a blog to discuss what’s currently going on with the insane number of projects I’m working on.
First, a brief list of current projects, in no particular order:

1) English foxhunting outfit
2) Oktoberfest!
3) Dark Knight Joker costume
4) Upgrading my shoe collection
5) Upgrading my wardrobe
5) Shoe care
6) The ongoing saga of the modernist kitchen
7) The Creepy King costume
8) Scott Pilgrim film wardrobe collection
9) Philadelphia Events and Happenings
10) Lost SEPTA Center City
11) Hackintosh HO!

edit: And now 12)  Dressing the Blacklist

As I have time I’ll be writing an initial blog entry for each of these projects, explaining what I’m doing and the current progress before I start posting individual project update blogs.

Let me clear up a possible misconception.

Looking down my list  you might say… “The Creepy King? A costume???” and be thinking something like this:

NO. Wrong.

When I’m thinking about a Creepy King costume, I go and buy this:

I’m a whole level of obsessed past most obsessed people.

For now though, happy holidays!


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